After a successful walk with a pushchair in Lavaux, we looked for more walks around vineyards in the area and came across this route.

We took the train to Le Marais from Geneva (changing trains in Morges – total journey time: 47 minutes). The walk took us through some small villages until after about 30 minutes we reached the castle: Vufflens-le-Château. This is a private castle so you can’t go inside, but it is very picturesque amongst the vineyards. 

As we followed the path down from the castle, we noticed on our left the cave: Domaine de la Balle. This cave opens for tasting on Thursdays 16h00-19h00 and Saturdays 10h00-12h30). As luck had it, it was midday on a Saturday and the place was open so we headed inside. The owners were there and offered us wine to taste and we chatted to them about families, babies, wine and vineyards. They were very welcoming and friendly and we had a great time sampling their wine. We changed Jack there, bought some white wine from them and then continued on our walk.

The walk was generally pushchair friendly, but not completely. We had to use google maps to modify it in some parts and we managed to get around it. We walked along some more vineyards and eventually ended up in Échichens and from there we headed down into Morges and had a very pleasant walk along the lake front into the town.