Taubenloch Gorge

When you look up Biel/Bienne on tripadvisor, the first thing you will come across is the Taubenloch Gorge, and with good reason. This beautiful gorge is located on the outskirts of the town, above Biel, and is an excellent place for a family hike.

The gorge is around 2km long from Frinvillier to Bözingen. On arrival in Biel, we took the 5 minute train directly to Frinvillier. Here, we found many signs pointing us in the direction of the gorge.

As we arrived, it was lunch time and we wanted to eat before our walk. We followed signs and walked for around 10 minutes until we reached the excellent Restaurant Des Gorges.

We would highly recommend this restaurant – the setting and atmosphere was lovely; next to the gorge, with a beautiful and relaxing terrace at the back. It was a child and baby friendly restaurant – with a climbing frame for children and high chairs for babies. The menu was delicious and we enjoyed the local beers.

Luckily, the beginning of the path alongside the gorge is very close to the restaurant, so we began our walk from there. We had read that the path can be tricky with a pushchair, but we risked it! I would say that you could do this walk fairly easily with an all terrain pushchair because it is relatively flat and there are no steps (unless you plan on walking up the steps to the zoo – Tierpark-Biel). However, the path would be tricky with a normal pushchair. Our son actually spent a lot of time in the ergobaby as we walked, but we had our pushchair with us (in hindsight we could have maybe left it at a restaurant to make our life easier!).

You do not need a map – this path simply follows the Suze river and you can enjoy the well-maintained trail as it weaves through the gorge. There are some bridges and points to stop and enjoy the views. This trail is also very well shaded which is great when it is a hot day!

The path is around 2.5km, but you can take your time and have a picnic on the way or paddle in calmer parts of the river. There is a designated picnic and bbq area half way along the path. When you reach the end, you will come out in the suburb Bözingen and you can catch a bus back into the town, or you can walk (approx. 20 minute walk to the old town). This walk is very family friendly and next time we will stop in the zoo and see the alpine animals.