First month baby essentials

Looking back at the first month with a new born, here is a list of the essential things you might want to look at buying before your baby arrives.

(I have linked items that we purchased from online – some in the UK and some in Switzerland – of course lots of other options available, but these worked for us!)


New born nappies

Size 1 nappies

Water wipes/sensitive new born wet wipes

Cotton wool pads

Scented nappy bags

2 x changing mats (one for upstairs during night changes and one for downstairs)

Portable changing mat

Baby oil/almond oil


Baby bath (although we washed our baby in the kitchen sink for the first 3 months!)

Bath thermometer


Muslin cloths


Health care set (thermometer, nail scissors, etc)

Nappy bin


Bassinet/Moses basket

2 x Sheets for bassinet

Sleep suits/sleeping bags


Swaddle blanket


White noise toy


Nursing pillow

Breast pump these are quite expensive – I would recommend only getting one after you have had the baby if you need it.

Silver nipple cups

Mam bottles

Breast pads

Nursing bras

Nursing tops


Sensitive washing powder. Top tip: wash poo stained clothes at 90 degrees to remove the stains.

New born size clothes:

8 x vests

8 x full body babygrows / zip up babygrows

3 x hats and scratch mitts


2 x Cardigan/jacket

Outdoor jacket/suit. Weather dependent for the time of year that your baby is born!

Good to also have some of the next size up (who knows how big your baby will be when they’re born, but it’s good for layering and also one things for sure, they grow fast so you will definitely make use of them!)

0-3 month size clothes:

8 x vests

8 x full body babygrows / zip up babygrows

Plenty of bibs/neckerchiefs for sick/dribble

Of course you will receive many more clothes as gifts – so just buy the essential and practical items.


Pushchair (lying down and sitting up options)

Car Seat

Carrier(s) – (We have an Ergobaby and a Hana wrap.)

Toys (I guess this section is less essential, but nevertheless we used these items a lot!)

Black and white books and pictures for new borns. They can only see contrasting shades at this age.

Play mat

Bouncy chair

Teething toys and Sophie le giraffe


Milestone cards (for the cute pics!)

In the UK, we keep this bouncer, travel cot and play mat (all from John Lewis) at our son’s Grandparents for when we visit.