Changing and Breastfeeding in Geneva

As new parents, you begin to get used to always having a baby with you wherever you go. You start to notice things like: where elevators are in shops, how smooth pavements are, public transport with areas for pushchairs and most importantly you remember places to change or feed your baby in comfort.

I have been very lucky that Jack has taken to breastfeeding so well. And I am quite happy to feed him anytime and anywhere. Sometimes if it is raining or I am feeling tired, we use the mamamap app to find somewhere more comfortable to breastfeed.

Unfortunately, sometimes you get caught short. Yes, we have had to change our baby outside, on the floor, in winter. And yes, I have fed Jack on a bus coming back from town. Sometimes, you can even find somewhere with a changing table, but there can still be problems! Sam was looking after Jack once and he tried to change him in Starbucks in Rive. Firstly, the baby changing table is in the female toilet, which is not great for Dads! Secondly, people kept trying to open and bang on the door, while Sam was desperately trying to change an increasingly more upset and poopy baby.

Luckily, there are some great places where you can change and feed babies in Geneva. Most Pouly bakeries have changing areas – the Eaux-Vives branch is great. Recently though I discovered that a lot of pharmacies have excellent changing, feeding and weighing facilities. These areas are amazing; they are quiet, clean, never busy and dotted all over the city. The best one I have found is La Pharmacie Rive Gauche: