We wanted to take Jack to see his first snow; we don’t have a car but we love using the amazing public transport in Switzerland (did you know that it is free for children under 6 and then between 6-16 children can travel with you unlimited on the trains for only 30 CHF per year? Thanks SBB!)

So, we decided to take the train to Saint-Cergue (36 minute direct mountain train from Nyon). Jack slept on the way there and we enjoyed the views over the lake as the train went up the mountain.

When we arrived we decided to go in search of a sledge rental shop. We had heard that you could rent sledges for babies, which we thought would be fun. We found the rental place (5 CHF per day for a sledge – shop: Mrs Milena Perrin), however they were only for babies over 6 months old and our little one was only 3 months old, so we didn’t get one, but we will be sure to when he is old enough!

Feeling hungry and thirsty as ever (I never knew breastfeeding could make me so hungry and thirsty all the time!) we found a nice restaurant called Restaurant du Jura. There were other children and babies here and there was a changing station for little ones by the toilets, which we always appreciate on days out – especially in the winter! We had some delicious food – cheese fondue and filet de perche. I also fed Jack there and the owner even offered me a private space if I would like to feed him there (I chose not to but it was thoughtful of them – particularly as the older Jack gets, the more distracted he becomes when feeding!)

After lunch we asked if we could leave our push chair in the restaurant and we strapped Jack into the Ergobaby facing outwards and went on a sunny and snowy walk past the ski slopes and around the village. Jack was really interested in the snow and watching other people sledging or skiing. It was a great little day trip from Geneva!

Snow Baby