L’Arboretum du Vallon de l’Aubonne

We took the train from Geneva to Bière, via Morges (1 hour & 11 minutes). Jack enjoyed the kids play area on the train, and the ticket inspector even gave him his own ticket!

On arrival in Bière we found the Swiss walking yellow sign posts and followed the signs to Arboretum (just over an hour away). We had planned to do the first half of this walk, but instead of ending up in Yens, we wanted to end up in Aubonne, so we modified the route slightly. The beginning of the walk was quite exposed through fields, but it was easy walking with the all terrain pushchair and we enjoyed the scenery at the foot of the Jura mountains.

After about half an hour the path went into a forest alongside L’Aubonne river. This part of the walk was tricky; it was not appropriate even for the all terrain pushchair because it was very up and down with lots of big tree roots. We followed this path, but in hindsight, we should have walked along the little country lanes.

We ended up putting Jack in the ergobaby so that it was easier to manoeuvre the pushchair. The walk took us a little longer than we expected, but once we arrived at L’Arboretum du Vallon de l’Aubonne, the path was wide and all terrain pushchair friendly from that point on.

L’Arboretum du Vallon de l’Aubonne – what is this? We were not entirely sure what to expect, but as we descended into this beautiful area we discovered that it was a nature park where they preserve different types of trees. It had lots of clearly marked walks, a visitor centre and a cafe. There were information boards and maps and we had a lovely time exploring this area (and enjoying the shade from the trees). There were about 5 different trails with descriptions and signs in English and French.

After exploring the area, we stopped in the cafe for an icecream and we saw that there was a car park a bit further out if you wanted to drive here for the day. There were lots of picnic benches throughout the park and it was very child-friendly.

We decided to walk to Aubonne from here, and although there was a footpath marked, we didn’t want to risk it with the all-terrain pushchair, so we followed the small country road – Chemin de Plan, until we reached a bridleway called Chemin de Philosophes which led us into Aubonne.

As we were nearing the end of this bridleway we spotted a public outdoor swimming pool – piscine d’Aubonne. So we headed straight to it – it was 4 chf for the entrance and it had a large swimming pool and a lovely baby pool with shade! It was such a relief to cool off and Jack loved swimming in the water and waving at other babies!

After a lovely swim, we walked into the beautiful little town of Aubonne. “Aubonne is easily recognizable because of its famous round and white tower that soars above the vineyards. Through the village, come to discover its magnificient alleyways and its historic edifices in a warm and animated atmosphere.” We had a wander around and then we tried some wine at Le Caveau des vignerons, underneath the castle in Aubonne. From Aubonne we walked to Allaman train station (30 minute walk) and took the 29 minute train back to Geneva.


Train Station: Bière, Allaman
Parking: L’Arboretum du Vallon de l’Aubonne
Toilets: Public toilets at L’Arboretum du Vallon de l’Aubonne and in Aubonne
Restaurants and cafes: Hôtel Restaurant les Trois Sapins, Arboretum buvette, restaurant at piscine d’Aubonne
Accessibilty: Some parts are accessible with an all terrain pushchair – but it is advisable to use road and bridleway alternatives if you have a pushchair with you