Music Together

When you have a baby, you realize that, if you don’t already, you need friends with babies. People who ‘get it’. 

With this in mind, we set about looking for classes, play groups and meet ups in English.

One of the first things we came across was ‘Music Together’. They have classes all over the city for babies and young children. We went along to a taster class when Jack was 11 weeks old. He loved it! There was so much going on to keep him interested – he loved seeing other babies, listening to music, hearing his mum sing along with him, dancing and playing instruments. We signed up straight away!

We now go to this music class every week and it is always something to look forward to. The class has 10 babies and their mum/dad/carer with them. At the start we all got given a book, a CD and access to an app with all of the songs. So, now we find ourselves singing and dancing at home to the familiar music. 

The teachers all have a lot of enthusiasm and it has been great to get to know other Mums and babies.

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