Association Cerf-Volant

Although we were primarily looking for English speaking play centres for us and our baby, we were more than willing to try anything we could find! Our midwife recommended taking Jack to Cerf-Volant in Plainpalais.

One rainy Saturday afternoon in January we decided to pop in to see what it was about. We were greeted by a friendly woman who explained to us (in French) that this was a play centre for children run by volunteers. It is open every afternoon and a couple of mornings a week and they simply ask for a voluntary contribution if you would like.

We were shown the different areas where the children can play; a water area, a car area, a library and lots of toy areas. Also, importantly we were shown the baby changing area, sofas and nursing pillows for feeding babies, a baby play mat and toys, and the tea and coffee facilities. 

Everyone was very friendly and there were a few other mums and toddlers/babies there. We chatted to a few and Jack enjoyed playing with some different toys. A great place to go to meet other mums and kids or even just to change your baby if you’re out and about in the area. I am sure we will continue to utilize this!

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