La Pierre-aux-Dames

Our search for walks around Geneva with a baby continues. We took the 41 bus to Marsillon and followed the yellow signs down Chemin des Peupliers:

The path was not completely smooth, but our pushchair survived! The chemin soon opened out onto a flatter road and we crossed over Route de Troinex and found a small gravel path across La Drize. We kept following the yellow path and it eventually led us into Troinex.

Once we had reached Troinex, we decided to head to a local vineyard: La Pierre-aux-Dames, which is open every Saturday 10.30-12.30. You can purchase local products and wine, as well as sit in the coutryard and enjoy the scenery.


Bus Stop: Marsillon
Restaurants: Au délice de la grand cour
Terrain: Small roads and footpaths
Accessibilty: This walk is not completely wheelchair friendly. Accessible with an all terrain pushchair.